Insurance finds ways to gouge

Reader Input
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I have lived at my present address in South Auburn for 12 years and have a fully equipped fire station very close to me at the corner of Maidu and Auburn Folsom roads. In those 12 years this station has been unmanned. It seems to be used only for occasional training. From a taxpayer’s perspective, I don’t care about jurisdictions. We’ve already paid for this station. It’s not being used. Newcastle needs this resource. Let them have it! Why build another facility? Don’t be fooled by the homeowners’ insurance scare. My insurance company already discovered two years ago another way to gouge their customers. Because I didn’t have a fire hydrant and fire station practically next door, they arbitrarily raised my fire risk from a 4 to a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. That kicked my insurance payment up 66 percent and of course forced me into a much higher deductible. You can build the fanciest fire station in California in Newcastle and it will have no bearing on your risk being arbitrarily raised and consequently your rates. I wonder what meaningful thing the cost of this special election could have paid for? One parting comment. Just remember if you vote this tax in that it will continue to grow forever and ever. At 3 percent a year it will grow by almost 16 percent in five years and by over 34 percent in 10 years, etc., etc., etc. Jack Boan, Auburn