Iraq war veteran Upps his game

By: Ben Furtado, Journal photo editor
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With a last name like Upp a person can’t help but keep their head high. Auburn resident David Upp is just that kind of guy. Serving in the United States Army for six years, and deployed to Iraq for 15 months, upon his return home recently Upp picked up his childhood activity: Bowling. Starting at 6 years old, Upp was coached by his Uncle Mike Petroni in everything he knows about bowling. Recently Upp did something that seasoned bowlers may have never accomplished during recreation or league play. On Oct. 24 while playing in his league, Upp scored a 720 in a scratch series, which is the total score for three games. The very next day he scored a 708. While some might be content with two 700 scores in a row, Upp wasn’t done. About two weeks later on Nov. 7 David scored a 741, this time scoring a 300 in one of the 3 sets. When asked if bowling was the one thing he missed the most while deployed in Iraq, Upp said, “I really missed my dog Duke. He’s a chocolate lab. But I really like bowling because of my uncle and now I give back by teaching bowling to kids.” On Saturdays Upp is at Foothills Bowl in Auburn volunteering his time teaching the game he grew up playing to kids between the ages of 6 and 16. “I’m just here to have fun and help others,” Upp said. When he’s not knocking down pins, Upp works at Echo Valley Ranch Supply in Auburn.