It need not be the greedy who inherit the earth

Your Views
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For those who think capitalism is what made our country great (Ann Laman, “Your Views,” March 15): Inspirational success stories like Hewlett Packard and Bill Gates gain notoriety not because they are the norm but because they are sensational. The majority of the well-off gain success through demographics which give them better opportunities. And “taking from the rich and giving to the poor” is preferable to bailing out millionaires. Nor are businesses fleeing California, which has one of the lowest property taxes in the nation. Throughout our history, capital wealth was created by enslavement, thievery from Native Americans and exploitation of indigenous peoples worldwide. The great railroad magnates received millions of acres alone thanks to their friends in government. A system that rewards football players with millions while paying elder care workers poverty wages is hardly worthy of greatness status. While dictatorial redistribution (communism) is not desirable, applying the democratic principle of checks and balances in the form of stimulus to the underpaid middle class might make the economy stronger for everyone. As for the fallacy that this would impede achievement at the highest levels, studies indicate that monetary gain need not be the main motivational factor in career building or economic growth. What a novel thought: The greedy do not necessarily have to be the ones running everything. Jim Beall Sr. Auburn