Jack Uppal to challenge McClintock

Moderate Democrat set to speak to Auburn residents Feb. 2
By: Richard Simms Journal Correspondent
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Jack Uppal, a moderate Democrat and challenger for the District 4 Congressional seat, is coming to Auburn to lay out his platform to the public.
Thursday Uppal is set to speak to the Auburn Area Democratic Club, who has extended an invitation to all community members with questions for the congressional hopeful.
The challenger is critical of incumbent Tom McClintock’s, (R-Elk Grove) voting record, which, according to Uppal, shows he consistently supports legislation that only benefits the wealthy and special interests.
“I want to run to get things done. If Congress sticks to their ideologies and refuse to compromise, nothing gets done,” Uppal said.
McClintock has said in previous Journal interviews he agrees with cutting waste out of government. He said entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, and the debt consume more than the revenue of the entire federal government. That issue needs to be addressed, he said.
McClintock has also said he wants to reduce tax and regulatory burdens that hurt the economy.
Uppal said he was inspired to run for office after seeing the level of brinksmanship in our congress.
One of the central themes of Uppal’s campaign is a focus on strengthening the middle class. Not being a subscriber to the trickle down economic theory, he feels that more money in the pockets of middle class Americans is the way out of economic hardships rather than breaks for big business.
“I am a supporter of demand-side economics,” Uppal explained.
Being a self-described moderate Democrat, Uppal says he is not for all regulations on business but supports regulations against what he described as vulture capitalism. He described the types of regulations that he is in favor of as those that protect against exorbitant interest rates and protect food safety standards.
“Allowing home buyers to refinance at today’s lower interest rates would not give them an unfair advantage and help them stay afloat. This is something the president has suggested and it is a recommendation I would support,” Uppal said
Uppal, 57, emigrated from India and received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He retired to Lincoln in 2008.
His career included working in the semiconductor industry as an engineer. He was also an 18-year employee at Intel. Uppal added that he is happily married with three daughters.


What: Congressional hopeful Jack Uppal to speak to Auburn Area Democratic Club
When: 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2
Where: Auburn Library, 350 Nevada St., Auburn