Job creators left the building

Reader Input
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I just watched an encore presentation of “60 Minutes” last night (Aug. 21). The show examined the exodus of over 600 major U.S. companies who have moved out of the country. They left to avoid paying U.S. income tax. The tax rate may be too high and that should be looked at. Nonetheless, for these companies to cut and run when we need them and the jobs they could provide more than at any time in our country’s history shows their true colors, (green). The color of money is where they place their allegiance. So if you’re waiting for a job with a big American corporation, you might want to consider moving to Switzerland or Ireland or even India or China if worse comes to worst. Rest assured, if these companies are ever threatened they will seek refuge in the good ole U.S. of A. And we will take them back because they have well paid staff in the halls of Congress. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax