Journal article was one-sided

Reader Input
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I was not surprised, yet still disappointed upon reading your March 23 story titled “Congress passes historic reform bill.” The “debate” referred to is shockingly one-sided if one judges based on the content of your article. While mentioning that the bill would increase coverage for tens of millions of Americans, you failed to include any sources who were grateful for the bill’s passage. I know that people in the Auburn area exist who are appreciative of this reform because my family and I are among them. The only oppositional voice was one who criticized Rep. McClintock’s vote, but that still didn’t demonstrate what some claim are the merits of reform. The sources included were passionate and belonged there, but among other opinions. As an editor for a university newspaper, even I understand that a story is incomplete without including sources with a variance of opinions. Acknowledging a debate while ignoring one side will only result in The Auburn Journal being a less respected source of news, not to mention creating a less-informed readership. The opinion of your writer was clear, but the real substance of the national debate on health care was not. Molly Carter, Auburn