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Jumpstart the economy by putting the unemployed back to work

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As a jobless geologist who also taught history and government for 30 years, I understand some fundamental historical, political, and economic truths. Most importantly, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” Unfortunately, many congressional Republicans disregard the lesson that priming our economic pump is necessary for recovery. We must provide work for our jobless so they can buy products and services that employ others. The unemployed must be hired to work in infrastructure revitalization, clean energy/green job careers, or anything that will pay a salary and increase their buying power. They will then provide taxes that will help fund local and state governments. And after about a year, the newly employed will be able to finance the purchase of American-built cars, homes, and other items since our banks have been kept solvent. Between one and two years from now, thanks to President Obama’s budget, the buying power of the extended newly employed should spark a boom in American production that will create more jobs, wealth, and revenue than our country has ever experienced. What is more, the passage of health care will not only benefit our citizens’ health and employ more health professionals, but will make American business more competitive. The wealthy that have received the greatest benefits from the Bush tax cuts and Wall Street bailouts can help finance the recovery by buying U.S. bonds. An irrefutable fact is that massive federal spending; along with the sale of war bonds, was the eventual mechanism that provided the money to win World War II and finally get us out of the Great Depression. Worth Crouch, Auburn