Justice should recuse himself

Reader Input
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A moment of truth for health care reform, but the deck is stacked as the Affordable Care Act gets its day in the Supreme Court. Why, you ask? Justice Clarence Thomas has served on the Supreme Court for 20 years and is probably the most conservative justice to serve since the 1930s. Thomas’s views both reflect and inspire the tea party movement which his wife Virginia has been involved with since its outset. Virginia Thomas and the tea party are outspoken critics of President Obama’s health care reforms and her husband Clarence sits on the Supreme Court that hears the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) proceedings. This smacks of conflict of interest. Especially, since Virginia Thomas has said, “I think we need to repeal Obamacare.” You may not talk to your wife, but I bet Justice Thomas and his tea party wife, Virginia, talk a lot about Obamacare. Justice Thomas needs to recuse himself from the Affordable Care Act case! Ron Lowe, Nevada City