KAHI changes too negative

Reader Input
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This letter is for anyone who listens to KAHI, the voice of the foothills. How do you feel about the new changes? The Frank Sinatra time slots are nice. It’s so different to listen to songs that you can understand all the words ... and whistle to. But! During the week in the 7/8 p.m. to 10 p.m. time slot is “Nick and Arty.” Their voices are irritating along with their topics. Listen to them and let KAHI know what you think. The other change involves the times of Barry, Mary Jane and Dave. Their hours on the air have been taken over with too much national and world news coverage. Do we really need to listen to that much negativity? Listen to their house on the air and let KAHI know what you think! And to all of those on the computer who comment about letters and articles: Yes I am complaining again. So what’s new? SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn