Keep integrity on ARD board

Reader Input
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I’ve known Scott Holbrook for many years, as a neighbor, merchant, friend and Auburn Recreation District board member. He is honest, caring, and responsive. Not a yes man, he works diligently to create solutions that best serve ARD and this community. As a lifelong Auburn resident, I have watched ARD evolve into an efficient entity that helps provide events like Auburn’s Community Festival and Party in the Park, not to mention Ashley Memorial Dog Park — a shining example of a new addition to the community that was added by working with ARD staff and board members like Scott and Curt Smith. They truly represented their constituents, negotiating dog park maintenance agreements with dog park volunteers, instead of burdening ARD’s paid staff. I have seen Scott accomplish much on ARD’s board to ensure positive outcomes for all involved. With the courage to stand up and demand responsive and honest administration, Scott led the charge to put quality management in place (Kahl Muscott). Since Curt Smith joined ARD’s board, the two men have truly enhanced ARD’s effectiveness, with the community’s interests as their only motivation. Please ignore the self-serving rants of a malcontent board member who slings mud at Scott and Curt, taking statements and facts out of context to further his own personal agenda. After all, he wanted to name Ashley Dog Park “Ainsleigh Acres.” Please mark your ballots to keep Scott and Curt (and their integrity) on the board. They’ve worked hard to earn our votes! Kathleen Harris, Auburn