Keep needs of other species in mind

Reader Input
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Re: “Thunder Valley donates 1.6 million sheets of paper to schools” (Journal, Oct. 12). The Thunder Valley Casino recently donated 1,600,000 sheets of paper to the Western Placer School district. I think that was a very good thing to do, and that was very good for schools, but we should really start thinking about trying to save more trees, even though lumber companies plant more trees after they cut one down. The demand for lumber is just rising and rising ... to make houses, chairs, desks, etc. Personally, I really like learning about animals and nature, but that is not going to happen if we keep using so much lumber! We should do anything to save as much paper as we possibly can, even if that means using more electronics! We should at least plant (for example) four times as many trees as were cut. How about we actually think about keeping our wildlife instead of slowly destroying their (as in animals’) habitat? Animals are living things, too. I’m sure none of us would want to lose our home, either. BLAKE STELZER, student, Auburn