Keep park fees as they were

Reader Input
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In regards to the Aug. 13 Journal story, “Some Auburn State Recreation parking will jump to $10 next week.” I’m outraged at the acting superintendent, Mike Lynch, of the Auburn State Parks. The governor cut state budgets, the people said no to the recent ballot propositions that would have raised taxes. Yet, in spite of these “directives” to cut costs, Auburn State Parks wants to raise fees (taxes). I say to Auburn State Parks to stay within your budget. We already have the state franchise tax board collecting revenue for state agencies. The park employees should be spending their time keeping the parks safe for the public. The land belongs to the public. They should not be serving as tax agents for the parks. If the people want more park services they will get the budget increased. It is not for you, the acting park superintendent, to decide. Fellow citizens, please help show your outrage and call or write to Auburn State Parks or your elected representative. Gordon Frazier, Auburn