Keep senior care a top priority

Reader Input
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The recession is far from over and so many people in my community are struggling to pay their bills, find a decent job and make a good life for their kids. Yet this reality has seemingly gone unnoticed by Rep. (Tom) McClintock and the Republicans in Washington, D.C. The Republicans just passed a budget that would abolish Medicare as we know it, while doling out even more tax cuts for the rich. The Republicans are endangering a program that provides vital healthcare services to most Americans over the age of 65. It’s downright irresponsible to leave seniors’ healthcare to the mercy of private insurance companies. Our local representative, McClintock, voted for this Republican budget and put tax cuts for millionaires before the health and well-being of seniors. It is time to tell Rep. McClintock, and all the Republicans in Congress, that enough is enough. Programs that protect our parents and grandparents, like Medicare, should not be on the chopping block to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. Nancy Tracy, Auburn