Keep senior project program

Reader Input
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I am writing to implore the Placer Union High School District Board of Directors to keep the senior project intact and going. At the most I would provide direction to staff to look at ways to improve, but not remove. I have been sitting on the senior boards since day one and have seen first-hand how students of all abilities and ambitions have grown from this wonderful program. I have also seen it from the perspective of a father as my oldest has gone through the project, and my youngest has been preparing for it for a while now. Senior projects is so hard to quantitate, but I will try. The process is multi-faceted and creates challenges and obstacles from the get-go. Choosing what to do is a process in itself! Students must face issues of time management, overcoming obstacles, preparing complete portfolios for review by teachers and strangers alike and finally preparing and delivering a presentation in front of a panel of adults. Be it a college application, a job interview or preparation for everyday life challenges, senior boards challenge and prepare our kids as no other “project” I have seen. As a parent, senior project goes a long way to meet my goals in regards to my children’s current and future education, as well as for life in general. Please keep it going, work to develop consistency between schools and possible tweaks as part of an evolutionary process to make it better. Placer was on the cutting edge in developing senior projects — I would hate to see it take the lead in its demise. Scott Holbrook, Auburn, Auburn Park and Recreation District board director