Kent Campbell responds

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Ms Clariss: Nice letter. I’m proud that you are not ashamed, I did not write my letter to shame anyone, I was simply stating my views. For the record I am very happy you and millions of others find comfort that way. I do believe there was a Jewish apocalyptic prophet by the name of Jesus who told his followers the second coming would happen in their lifetime (which obviously did not occur); I have studied his life from a historical perspective and the early Christian movement up until Constantine in the fourth century. I have looked at the early Christian movement. I have studied the historical creation of the bible and the questionable selection process leading to the formation of the 27 books making up the New Testament Canon, particularly the very conflicting details about Jesus between Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. Clariss, I am but a young whipper snapper 6 years younger than you but my lifetime of experiences dictates a much different outcome than yours. And yes , there is no satan as there is no god. Take care. Kent Campbell, Auburn