Kids louder than dogs

Reader Input
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Re: Don’t bring your pet dog into market (Reader Input, Aug. 1). A dog on a leash in any type of store opens the possibility of unwanted doggie elimination. I carry our little toy poodle in her pouch which straps onto my chest or my back. She is never allowed to walk in a store unless the owner gives the OK. She never barks and has never “done her business” in her pouch. Children, on the other hand, with their often-runny noses, play with merchandise and food, drop it and leave it, break it and scream loudly for their own reasons. In the past 50 years I have often disciplined children for playing with merchandise while in the store. I’ve caught adults eating/shoplifting food and merchandise. Be it children, dogs or cats — if they are contained and cause no interference with others, I see no reason why dogs, cats or kids should be kept out of stores. Let’s keep the shoplifters out. They have a negative effect on every one of us.  Elaine Ashton, Auburn