Killers and their killing crimes

Reader Input
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I don’t understand why killers have to be on death row for decades and decades after they commit their killing crimes. OK. They get an appeal. If they are “still” guilty then their “time” needs to come to an end. Years ago I had three family members (a mom and two oldest children) killed by a neighbor with an ax. During the trial, he confessed he committed the crime. He did not spend decades in prison, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars. Five months after committing the crime, his time on earth came to an end. So, the shot in the arm is too inhumane. Why not “do them in” the way they eliminated their victims off this earth? Oh wait! That would be too cruel and inhumane, too. I guess they stay on death row so their lawyers can keep their jobs. The three family members? This happened in Connecticut in the year 1678. If the 19-year-old neighbor had killed the baby in mom’s arms a lot of people would not have been born. I would not have any letters in the paper for the computer people to complain about! Sally Palmer Dawley, Auburn