Knight Obama to the rescue

Reader Input
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You know you are a weak and failed president when one of the highlights of your presidency will be saving a girl from some mean old talk show host. As if the country is well along on economic recovery, and Obama has nothing better to do than to polish up his shining armor, secure his bucket helm, grab his war hammer, and mount old LeRoy and ride to the rescue of some poor, abused maiden. Someone has to stop this travesty of free speech. Why not knight Obama? A country without a First Amendment would be utopia. Just think, we could replace the First Amendment with a constitutional amendment giving us the right to a job. To hell with employers. Then Knight Obama wouldn’t have to worry about the economy, stupid. What matters most is protecting fair maidens from the true villains of society — people who believe in free speech. The hell with protecting the rest of us serfs. What benefit would Knight Obama have in saving the country from sure financial disaster? But a damsel in distress? Now that’s the time to drop the most important executive duties and mount old LeRoy and ride! Robert Carrell, Penryn