Lack of crosswalks an accident-to-be

Reader Input
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Quartz Avenue between the Target store and the Safeway shopping center in North Auburn is about six traffic lanes wide and yet there are no crosswalks north of Bell Road between the two shopping areas. The bus stop for both areas is near the middle of that area of roadway and on the west side. In trying to walk across the roadway at this point one is taking his life into his own hands. Most drivers don’t seem to want to even slow up for you at all. It is an area just waiting for some pedestrian to be run down. It may be a young person or an elder or a mother with her baby in its carriage. There definitely needs to be a crosswalk or two in this area. One should cross Quartz at the entrance to the shopping center and next to the Ross department store and the other at the entrance next to Blockbuster Video. RAYMOND G. GREENWAY, Weimar