Leaders should share the blame

Reader Input
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The recent picture showing the U.S. Marines urinating on some terrorists’ corpses is alarming, to say the least (Journal, Jan. 15). Having served more than one tour in Vietnam I have my own take on the matter. Let’s get all the facts in line. Our troops are sent into a war not for one tour but two, three, four and even more. To send troops time and time again is not only inhumane, it is insane. Let’s face it. The past few presidents were just not man enough to institute a draft as they felt that would be politically damaging to their precious careers. Ugh! Sickening. Our nation’s leaders have done a grave injustice to our brave young warriors. While we still continue to see the thousands of broken, shattered and ruined lives that haunt us from the Vietnam war we now need to prepare for perhaps even worse. We will see more of the terrible effects of this war for many more decades. So back to the picture. I can only say that we need to consider what our leaders have caused and admit that they should share in the blame. No one should send troops into combat who haven’t served themselves. War does terrible things to those who are forced to endure it. Paul T. McDaniel, disgusted Vietnam vet, Auburn