Learn the Constitution

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Heritage Foundation is offering free lectures on the U.S. Constitution, available on the Internet beginning on February 20, 2012. If you want to be included try and that should get you the information that you need to register. This is important for all, young and old, as the old have possibly forgotten their civics classes by now and the young may never have had civics. The last PG&E bill included two different notifications that they were asking the PUC for increases, one to recover the cost of seismic studies recommended by the California Energy Commission and the other to recover costs for the adoption of its smart grid pilot deployment program. In both cases it was noted that rates would increase – perhaps not much but none the less an “increase”. When is it going to stop? It seems apparent that everyone is expected to install solar panels even if they are unable to afford the cost. Saving the environment is one thing but at what cost to poor and middle class! MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn