Leftist intolerance is the real reality

Reader Input
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Paulette Walter asked if I thought certain things were “fair” (Reader Input, Oct. 7). Life is not fair. Politicians created tax rule loopholes corporations legally use. Blame politicians for creating loopholes, not the corporations using them. Oil company profits between 3 and 6 ½ cents per dollar of gross sales are not obscene. Obscene is the government demonizing oil companies while profiting more than the companies providing products we literally cannot live without. Politicians writing tax laws to define them as poor created the bottom 50 percent of wage earners that pay no taxes. They are poor primarily by government definition. Our tax system is about “redistribution of wealth.” Government subsidies extend beyond oil companies. Farmers, GMC, unions, “green” companies, certain banks, colleges, numerous “minority” enterprises, welfare and unemployment insurance are subsidized. The First Amendment guarantees religious and individual speech. The Amendment was written to prevent government from declaring an “official” state religion and suppressing all other religions. Whether or not you care to hear others express their religious beliefs, it is their First Amendment right. Your rights end where mine begin. It is all about tolerance. I will tolerate your leftist speech, and you will tolerate my speech. But that is not how it is applied. High school and college valedictorians have been prevented from any reference to religion in their commencement speeches. Christian and Jewish students sent home and/or expelled because they wore a cross or Star of David. A Christian group whose pastor was arrested because his group sang a religious song in a government building. That is religious censorship. That leftist intolerance is reality. Will Schmehl, Cool