Let Auburn have a Costco

Reader Input
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The only thing Dale Smith and I agree on is keeping Walmart, and their reputation for poor wages and lack of employee benefits, out of here (Journal, Feb. 11). I am completely in favor of a new Costco and a new Trader Joe’s. And it would be so much easier and environmentally sensible to shop those stores in Auburn without the drive to Roseville. We’ve all heard the Dale Smith “Highway 49 blood alley” stories before. I’ve never figured out how it’s safer and more economical to drive an extra 30 minutes each way to shop at those same stores in Roseville. We heard all the same traffic horror stories when Home Depot was planning to move here and take a good look at what has transpired. Instead of all those cars and trucks filling Highway 49 with traffic headed for Roseville, they’re safely turning off at Willow Creek, getting off 49, and staying out of everybody’s way. No “blood alley” as predicted so many times before. The same tiresome fear tactics seem to be used whenever something new wants to come to our town and I find it just that. Tiresome. I’m for a new Costco. They’ll make a nice addition to our community. Dan Tomich, Auburn