Let Auburn have its Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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Alliance for the Protection of the Auburn Community is at it again (Journal, Nov. 5). Another cost for city and taxpayers, themselves included. Dumb, huh? They bought property next to business-zoned land, yet continue harassing Mr. (Jim) Conkey on his legal right to develop that land. Board of Supervisors approved the project much to majority wishes. (Note: election results!) APACE’s biggest objection is Wal-Mart, some approved Costco. Big difference? So, who are they hurting besides we taxpayers? Let me tell you! Senior citizens, whose only income is Social Security, got no raise last year, 3 percent, won’t get one next year. Rent goes up, regardless. You who gripe your big salaries are being questioned, shame on you! We buy small quantities, so no Costco. Stores here don’t want competition. Carry items we need and can afford, we’ll buy locally. A student wrote, Wal-Mart is only one-half to one hour down the highway. To that student, are your age 70-plus grandparents on that highway? APACE continually calls Mr. Conkey names. They’re not telling all the facts. Wal-Mart would bring jobs and money to our city. Seniors want to support themselves. Wal-Mart hires them which gives them respect. My friends are happy with their paychecks, which enable them to afford movies and restaurants now and then. That’s facts APACE doesn’t tell you. Please let Mr. Conkey get this project going. Progress is the American way! JOAN SMITH, Auburn