Let business run everything in USA

Reader Input
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Grover Norquist, Ronald Reagan’s collaborator, said we should shrink government, put it in a bathtub then drown it. Evidently, the founding fathers incorrectly believed government served any purpose whatsoever. After the revolution businesses could have run everything. A Bill of Rights? A Constitution? Who needs them? Let’s drown ’em and see how that works for us. No need for government or elected officials — none. No elections. No ballots, no representation and no taxes if there’s no government. No need for regulations, or standards. Companies can run everything. The market can regulate itself. People will get paid whatever business decides. Low wages? Need benefits? Go to your church, temple, mosque or synagogue for help. Retirement? Better have some savings or stocks. Get the government out of police, fire departments, schools or even courts. Business will do everything. More costly? Who cares? At least there will be no taxes! Let companies decide what services are offered. Let the markets decide what the people want and the kind of quality they get — food, homes, cars, roads, energy. Air, soil and water quality? Let business decide. Any complaints? Deal with it. U.S. and international businesses can control money — banks, loan institutions, corporations, insurance companies and others will make policy — a global economy run by the big businesses. Give it all to the private sector. They already have most of it already. Then we will get whatever corporations decide we need and we can fight one another for the scraps. Imagine. Harriett Bridges, Auburn