Let Golden Rule preclude PC

Reader Input
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Juan Williams, news analyst, commentator and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, was recently fired by National Public Radio for a “violation” of political correctness and for appearing regularly on Fox News. The abrupt firing of Williams, a well-liked and respected professional, exposes PC for what it truly are: punishment for honest dissent. It’s trademark is intolerance. PC is an infringement of free speech. It restricts or censors points of view. It inhibits expression of honest feelings and the ability to speak our conscience, and it limits debate on controversial subjects. Universities such as Michigan impose speech codes and rule certain topics off-limits. Worst of all, PC has Americans walking on eggshells for fear of being attacked, fired, or labeled as racist, homophobic, nativist, etc. when speaking openly and without malice. It is time to end this absurdity — “the excessive deference to particular sensibilities” — and replace it with the Golden Rule, tact, and a little common sense. BILL HARDER, SR., Auburn