Let Nesbitt, Kirby continue

Reader Input
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I’m proud to support Bill Kirby and Keith Nesbitt for re-election to the Auburn City Council. I’ve known and worked with both for years now, and they’ve proven over and over that they’re here to work hard for all of us, doing all they can to make the community just that much better. The question I ask when looking at candidates is: what have you done? There are three running, but only two who can answer in a way worthy of votes. Both Keith and Bill have been involved with community charitable/ volunteer work, be it youth sports, organizations such as the Salvation Army, Rotary ([Candidate] Gary (Moffatt) has stated service clubs are nothing more than social clubs) and more. As councilmen, they’ve taken a fiscally conservative position, making hard decisions that don’t always sit well with labor organizations, but will help protect the fiscal viability of Auburn for years to come. During tough economic times, they’ve worked to improve Auburn, from Amgen to Streetscape, and both have been integral on moving the city forward, while protecting the small-town, historical feel that is so important to all of us. The choice is easy. On one hand there are two dedicated men with a long history in this community, with records that are to be applauded. On the other hand, you have a candidate with really no solid record of service to the community that I can see, a candidate whose biggest donors are out-of-town unions, one who supports extreme positions such as mandatory binding arbitration, a process that helped lead to the bankruptcy of towns like Stockton and Vallejo. Keith Nesbitt and Bill Kirby are a big part of the many reasons Auburn’s such a great place to live and raise our families. They have a history to be proud of, and should be rewarded with the votes of all Auburn residents. As always, “Keep Smilin.’” Scott Holbrook, chairman, Auburn Area Park and Recreation District Board of Directors