Let recipients share our pain

Reader Input
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I have been doing some reading and thinking about how to slim down the federal deficit. According to the United States State Department’s website, the amount of United States aid enacted for fiscal year 2012 is $46.5 billion. That is a hefty piece of change even to the wealthy among us. This figure does not include employee salaries, benefits, housing, security, or any other operating expenses. My question is if we are planning to starve our poor, military and seniors, doesn’t it make some sense that we ask our poor relation in other countries to at least participate in our pain? After all, some of these recipients, Pakistan, Colombia, Russia and Bangladesh, for example, do not wish us well, but they willingly accept our money as a hand-out. I wonder if my Congressional Representative and my Senator are aware of this travesty. If they are aware, why hasn’t it been fixed and if they are not aware, why did I elect an incompetent to watch out for me in this ugly world? Bill Welch, Auburn