Let's re-elect Jim Holmes

Reader Input
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Please join me in voting for Jim Holmes on June 5 for the District 3 supervisor position. Jim is the best man for the job with his previous business experience, and service on local fire and school boards. Jim has honorably and conscientiously represented District 3 on the board of supervisors for the past seven years. I continue to be impressed with Jim?s involvement in community events all over District 3. He seems to be present at every major event that is going on in the district. Jim has a very approachable style, and you can tell he is listening to you when having a conversation with him. Jim is fiscally responsible and despite the downturn in the national and state economies, Placer County government has passed balanced budgets with minimal disruptions of service. Jim always works to achieve consensus on public issues, and continues to work to preserve the quality of life in our district. Lowell Jarvis, Ophir/Newcastle