Letter writer’s rally observation skewed

Reader Input
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A letter in the Sunday (Nov. 20) Journal by Mike Monahan claimed that protestors at Thursday’s Occupy Auburn rally were “a screaming mob of young ragtag people with a smattering of older folks.” This is what’s known as an ad hominem argument — an attack on an opponent’s character rather than the opponent’s position. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to address the real issues often resort to such arguments — and this one happens to be completely false. I was at the rally for two hours and can tell you that over half of those attending were middle-aged or, like me, older. They were not “ragtag” but conventionally dressed, ordinary people concerned about the shrinking of the middle class and the impact of big money in our country’s politics. Contrary to Mr. Monahan’s claims, their signs were easily read and did not block or delay traffic. Also, during the time I attended, there were plenty of parking spaces on the street and in the nearby city parking lot. Many people driving by honked their horns or gave a thumbs-up in support, and the mood was polite and friendly. In short, the rally was a demonstration of American democracy at its best. Carole Wade, Cool