Letter writer gets it wrong

Reader Input
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Donald Adams (Reader Input, March 9) tries to cover his tracks and split hairs in a hopeless attempt to refute my exposure of his contradictions and prejudice regarding gay marriage. He asserts I wrongfully claimed he said gay marriage caused corruption in government. I never specifically mentioned corruption in government but corruption in everything (including government) which is what he claimed. His last sentence in paragraph four refers to gay marriage as “depravity,” followed immediately by “…we are destroying the very fiber of our civilization. The more corrupt we become, the more this great country falls from greatness.” He also clearly continues to claim the Constitution “was written by people who believed in morality,” despite their antipathy toward women’s’ rights and support of slavery. How’s that for depravity? And suggesting that those who criticize his ideas (whether or not those ideas are currently legal or popular) ought to consider “moving to another country,” simply demonstrates desperation and poor taste. What makes this country great is freedom to practice divergent and unpopular beliefs unless it is proved they clearly harm others. The First Amendment assures that the Bible is not the yardstick in that determination. Jim Beall, Sr., Applegate