Letter writer needs checkup

Reader Input
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I read with amusement Ron Lowe’s “Voters may well need counseling,” (Reader Input, Oct. 24).
First, what is scary or, more to the point, “pathetic” is Ron’s consistent drivel on the editorial pages. True, all too often letters to the editor rely on garbage as their sources. Sadly, most are his. He quotes sources from the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh as the driving forces behind the vitriol. I would doubt he has ever paid any serious attention to Rush or watched Fox News. Ron, your article is the perfect example of the very things you are critical of: lies, innuendo, unconfirmed information and race baiting.
The tea party’s main theme is a limited government and spending controls. Please provide your readership four or five examples of confirmed information to the contrary and how that relates to vitriol or racism.
Likewise, please provide the same with regard to Rush, Neal, Bill, Megan, Shepard, Bret, Greta or any other that justifies your position. True, some don’t like the current administration, but it is a big stretch to say they are therefore liars and racist.
Liberals tout tolerance but do not tolerate anyone who oppose their views. I have little tolerance for those who are intolerant. Anyone who says a person is sick and in need of counseling by voting for candidates other than theirs is, well ... sick. Hurry Ron, you need help immediately.
Daniel Grow, Auburn