Letter writers need mediation center

Reader Input
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Regarding the Journal article on the proposed El Toyon Institute Mediation Center (“Mediation center divides Auburn neighborhood,” July 10): I do not live in the immediate neighborhood in question and so am not affected by the zoning change or possibility of property value changes. But this article brought “mediation as a concept” to my mind.
Reading the Journal’s “Letters to the Editor” daily, I find viewpoints are frequently expressed in the harshest, most insulting language possible to repeat in print. Is this the chosen way our society now expresses thoughts, feelings, ideas?
Might the ears of all opponents be more open to communication of a more neutral (possibly “adult”) nature? Thoughtful rather than spiteful? Informative rather than abusive? Explanatory rather than condemning? Invitational rather than incendiary? Respectful rather than hateful?
Might mediation of one’s own thoughts and words be based on the golden rule? Does anyone respond positively to vitriolic diatribe?
Are children being taught bullying by reading their hometown newspaper? How about individually, internally based mediation centers for Letters to the Editor?
Horti Davis, Auburn