Letter writers: Practice civility

Reader Input
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I have been a reader of the Journal and resident of Auburn for over 30 years. Recently I have seen a very distressing trend in letters to the editor: the trend toward personal attacks and baseless assertions and accusations. This trend is not limited to letters to the Journal. We seem to have given up on discussing serious issues for name-calling and demonizing and belittling those we do not agree with. I would hope that given the serious issues affecting us all that we could at least try to have a courteous dialogue about the issues. While I may not agree with all points of view, I respect the right to express them. It is then my right and obligation to respectfully disagree, if so inclined. Pointing out incorrect facts or assumptions can be done without attacking the person who states them. I urge my fellow citizens to realize that personal attacks lower the level of discussion and do us all a disservice. Hopefully before people recite information as fact, they actually spend some time researching the information to be sure it is accurate. Free speech and intelligent debate of the issues are essential to our democracy. Paul Aronowitz, Auburn