Literacy extends to computers

Reader Input
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Re: “New tax will sneak up on you,” (Reader Input, Oct. 26). This is the season of political propaganda. In response to (letter writer) Dale Smith’s input in your publication on Oct. 26, Smith should have done his homework before sending this letter to the Journal. His letter is precisely one that appears in an e-mail he and the rest of us received. I suggest before sending the Auburn Journal this article or believing it, he could have done his own research because his information is incorrect. Here are two websites used for confirmation and or truth: “The One Percent Solution” and, “1% Transaction Tax.” This type of political nonsense takes away from the real problems we are having in our Congress. Nearly everyone who owns a computer or hi-tech device, who receives e-mail, gets this kind of misinformation. Every time someone wants to send political nonsense, they tend to insert Mr. Obama’s name to attract the public’s attention. Why is this? Adults are expected to set the example for our youth and upcoming new voters to show respect for our presidents, be they past or present. However, they do the opposite during the election season. They should stick to the facts and issues especially, when we are all being impacted by them. Joe Rodrigues, Auburn