Little good in deer hunt idea

Reader Input
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Based on anecdotal stories of deer/auto collisions, Supervisor Kirk Uhler irresponsibly put into motion a most egregious Placer County proposal: A special “junior” deer hunt (12- to 17-year-olds) in a residential/ rural area that may use taxpayer funds. With no scientific data that there is a deer population problem in rural Loomis/Granite Bay, with no information as to where the deer reside, or that killing the does and bucks will reduce or eliminate deer/auto collisions, or any study of alternatives, a special junior hunt was recommended. It gets worse: Taxpayers may fund the kiddie hunt. Because the Loomis/Granite Bay area is mostly private property, the state’s SHARE program will pay private landowners to allow hunting on their property. Claims that no taxpayer dollars will be spent ignore SHARE loopholes (AB 396, 2003-04) such as, “... at minimal expense to the state,” or “federal grants may be used,” or “The bill would prohibit money from being spent on the program unless the legislature appropriates money therefore.” Opposition to this nutty proposal may focus on not killing deer, but it should also focus on saving rural/residential neighbors, pets and livestock from errant arrows or shots fired by children armed with lethal weapons. Jake O’Rourke, Loomis