Local homeless problem looms

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The weak economy has threatened the Re-entry, Inc. program (Journal, March 16), leaving several parolees and probationers who have been released from custody, to camp on the old site of Bohemia Mill in North Auburn. With no residence, a large number of homeless have also gathered in camps behind my home and my fence line. All water for bathing, cooking and drinking is taken from and along the Wise Canal where so many homeless have fallen victim to the icy waters. The surviving residents are struggling with hunger and cold. In addition, most have very limited support groups of family or outside friends. What do I not understand? The Placer County Sheriff’s Office will send deputies to investigate these camps, then spend many hours at the local churches who offer sleeping bags, warm clothes and food only to have them discarded after sheriff’s deputies find from their gathered information from church officials the location of these camps. And on several occasions, cite these people for “camping and or trespassing.” However, parolees and probationers do not receive citations for littering and misconduct due to extensive drinking. What is the difference between these groups behind my home? They’re all homeless trying to survive in a very troublesome economy! Is there a solution? I don’t believe officials want to recognize there is a very, very serious problem of homelessness within our community we proudly call Placer County. JOHN WESLEY NOBLE, III, Auburn