Local riders cruise for a cause

This year's 'Sweetheart Run' to benefit Krasner, Pratt families
By: Andrew Westrope, Staff Writer
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Who: Anyone who rides a motorcycle

When: Sunday, with registration at 9 a.m. and the ride at noon

Where: C&E Auburn V-Twin at 12015 Shale Ridge Rd. to the historic Georgetown Hotel, then the Coloma Club in Coloma

Why: To benefit the families of the late Joseph Pratt and 7-year-old cancer patient Peyton Krasner

Cost: ride along for $5 per person, ride pins $10



Auburn’s annual Sweetheart Run is based on a tradition of solidarity among motorcyclists, and this year’s is no exception.

For the 33rd annual run, event organizers Carlo and Emma Lujan of C&E Auburn V-Twin have adopted two causes, both in honor of friends in need. All proceeds from the $5 participation fee and $10 ride pins will go toward the families of their nephew, Joseph Pratt, who was killed by a distracted driver in September, and 7-year-old Peyton Krasner, a friend’s son who was diagnosed in August with a malignant tumor behind his left eye.

Registration begins at 9 a.m. Sunday at C&E on Shale Ridge Road, and the ride itself starts at noon. Participating riders will travel approximately 32 miles together starting from C&E and Highway 49 to Dry Creek Road and the Bowman frontage road, then under the freeway to Lincoln Way and Foresthill Road, then to Old Foresthill Road and scenic Highway 49 to the historic Georgetown Hotel. From there they will head south for a barbeque and music at the Coloma Club.

Volunteers from the Boy Scouts of America Troop 6 of Meadow Vista will also attend to sell coffee, hot chocolate, doughnuts and muffins as a fundraiser for new camping equipment and to provide financial aid to scouts who need it.

Emma Lujan of C&E said the Sweetheart Run was about camaraderie when Jack and Joan Stadel first organized it, but it has since become a philanthropic event for various organizations like the American Heart Association, veterans groups, nursing homes and schools.

“When my husband and I bought the dealership, we decided to make it a cause not only for getting everybody together but to make it a ‘Sweetheart Run’ inasmuch as, not just for people getting together for a ride, but also to give to the community,” she said. “Ever since we’ve had it we’ve always made it a cause but not the same cause every year.”

She said this year’s event is to raise awareness of the kind of distracted driving that killed her nephew in Oakley last year, and to raise money for Peyton Krasner’s medical bills.

“It’s a local event, born and bred,” she said. “When we bought the Harley Davidson dealership, there were 10 people that went on the ride, and we anticipate maybe 1,000 motorcycles Sunday, so we’ve grown it slightly.”

Krasner’s grandfather, Brock, worked for the Lujans when they bought the dealership in 1989, and Peyton’s father, Jason, is still a friend of theirs.

“My dad worked at the Harley dealer when the run was originally started, so I’ve been around it since I was a little kid … We’ve been friends with Carlo and Emma who own C&E for a lot of years. She actually came to me and asked if it would be all right if she did (the fundraiser),” said Jason. “I think it’s great the way a whole community comes together in a situation for anything. It means a lot to us.”