Local Wal-Mart at long last

Reader Input
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Regarding Wal-Mart — I was so excited to read that we might finally get a local Wal-Mart. Has anyone noticed that we are in a recession? Most of the mom and pop business in Auburn has already closed. The ones that are left are way too expensive. I don’t know about you, but $120 for shoes, or $65 for a pair of jeans is way out of my budget. From what I have been reading, most of the complaints are from men, and do they really shop? It makes sense to me that if we shop locally we will help the environment. Most of the traffic on Highway 49 is leaving Auburn to drive down the hill to shop! I work hard for my income and would like to spend it here in Auburn instead of Roseville. I know a lot of people out of work that would love to get a job here in Auburn at the new Wal-Mart. The road has been widened already, and the signal is in. As long as they don’t make an entrance on Canal street, I say please come to Auburn, Wal-Mart. We have been waiting for you. Diane Huffman, Applegate