Long live contraceptives

Reader Input
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In Robert Carrell’s letter (“Knight Obama to the rescue,” Reader Input, March 16) he also refers to the president as weak and failed, as well as defending Rush Limbaugh’s First Amendment rights to call a law student taking contraceptives a slut and a prostitute. Fair enough, Bob. I was wondering if that “slut” were his daughter, niece or wife how he might feel about that old, fat, drug-addicted windbag then. Why not rail at the 100 or so sponsors who have dropped him as a result? No, it’s much easier to name-call our president for daring to defend this victim of the right wing’s mouthpiece, Oxycontin Man. How far we have digressed when folks like you defend such garbage and name-calling by slurring and bashing our president for speaking out against these attacks. Shame on you all. I know, I just dropped way down to your gutter level, but just to prove a point. I can hear all you fat-fingered, anti-choice good old boys salivating to rebuke me. Have at it fellas, fire away. Finally, since Rush himself has had four wives with zero children, he is either the planet’s worst lover or his spouses all took the pill. How ironic and hypocritical can one be? Can’t say as I blame them, that gene pool needs to stop with Limbaugh and all his ditto heads. Long live contraceptives and free choice. Stan Brulenski, Auburn