Look hard at what Rocklin city council represents

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Where was the endorsement of our Rocklin City Council in support of our parks back in the special election in February of 2008? Our city council members and the City of Rocklin spent so much time and effort trying to campaign for Buzz Oates and his development in Clover Valley that they completely ignored the parks initiative in the 2008 special election. None of our city council members publicly campaigned or wrote letters to the editor in favor of the measure. But our elected city council members spent plenty of time campaigning for Mr. Oates and his development. Our city council broke its own code of ethics by putting endorsements on over 30 mailers in the Clover Valley Measure H Campaign, held public meetings, did radio interviews, wrote letters to the editor and then Mayor Brett Storey even wrote a 600-word editorial in the Placer Herald. But now because our city council valued a developer over our parks we, the taxpayers, will have to spend another $70,000 for a special election. I will vote for the parks measure and I hope everybody else does too, but we need to think about the people we have put into office and who they really represent. Elaine O’Deegan Rocklin