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Looked at chain stores and the lesson is: Shop Auburn

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We have always made a point of shopping locally. We purchase our produce at the farmers’ market, meat at Longhorn Meat, garden items at Eisley’s Nursery, hardware needs at Ace Hardware. The quality and service is excellent and the prices are competitive. Eleven years ago we purchased blinds from Warehouse Paint. Recently the string broke in one. We took it in, it was repaired and one week later it was ready at no charge. Recently we purchased wildflower seeds from Eisley’s although we were told that it was too late to plant. Later we saw Earlene Eisley and told her that we decided she was right. She said that we could take the seeds back and get our money back. We upgraded our old TV and stereo to a combined LCD surround-sound system. We knew that our decision would be long-term; we wanted a system that fit us and our house. Our first two stops were Wooden Ship Stereo and Fowler’s TV as we had received excellent service from both businesses in the past. We knew they sell quality products, they service what they sell, and will be the ones standing in our living room if there is a problem. Then over several weeks we shopped the chains and found sales and rebates that ended the next day, extended warranties, TV picture tuning, gimmicks and enough B.S. to cause global warming. We went back to Downtown Auburn. Ray, from Wooden Ship, came to our house and helped pick the correct sound system for us. Fowler’s and Wooden Ship delivered and set up our TV and stereo system. We had excellent service and are happy with the products. Phil and Carmel Schweyer Auburn