Loomis can set a new pay standard

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Hey Loomis! Do you really need to replace the superintendent at this time (Journal, June 16)? Maybe the assistant superintendent could get through the next year without the top slot being filled. Is this position even needed? You’re looking at a $2.2 million short fall and that is not going to get any better any time soon and probably worse. As Mr. (Jim) Foster states “ We’ve been gathering salary data for like districts.” And this is where you should say to all applicants this is the job and this is what we will pay annually which comes with a 401(k) that you will establish and we will contribute to based on merit and a review of performance. Also, your health care will be Obamacare or at the very least you will have a co-pay toward what the district provides for the other public employees. We believe you can get back and forth to work on your own with out us supplying you with a car. And when you retire, you’re off the taxpayers payroll. Nada, Zip. Hey Loomis! You have a great opportunity here to start a new direction in physical policy that the rest of the school boards could look at and follow. Don’t wimp out now. Welcome to the real world. JAMES MCKESSON, AUBURN