Lord help Auburn's ignorant masses

Reader Input
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I just read the comments in the Streetwise article (Journal, May 3), where locals were asked their opinion on the upcoming Measure A (the changing of Auburn to a charter city). Out of six people asked, one was for the change, one against, and the remaining four had no idea of what Measure A is! Lord help us if the majority of Auburn?s citizens are that ignorant as to what is going on in local politics. Remember that those pushing for the charter are hoping that the vast majority of our citizens are uninformed as to what problems a charter city will cause. I have noticed that most of the current (and some former) council members (and mayors) are for Measure A. That doesn?t surprise me, as this is but a power grab by local politicians run amok. These politicians need to be reminded of what is happening to Stockton, and what already happened to both Bell and Vallejo. Vote no on Measure A. Donna McCloskey, Auburn