Majority-minded Republican: Rick Keene

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It is often unfortunate when we are forced to choose between two Republicans we like, such is the case of Rick Keene and Doug LaMalfa. Both Keene and LaMalfa are well-respected Republicans for California’s Fourth Senate District. Since 2002 the seat has been held by Republican Sam Aanestad, who is now running for Lieutenant Governor. To take over his seat in the north, Senator Aanestad has endorsed Rick Keene stating that, “Keene has been unwavering in his commitment to core conservative principles.” Conservative icon and Congressman Tom McClintock and Placer County Assemblyman Ted Gaines agree, both of them have endorsed Keene. With such a strong base of conservative support, what is it about Keene that makes him the right choice. The answer is the motivation for the title of this blog, “Majority Minded Republican.” Republicans in the minority need to be scrappy, to be principled and to be effective. Every effort they put out needs to planned and strategic and aimed at the overarching goal of the Republican Party, a majority. Through my conversations with Keene and his camp, I’ve learned that he possesses the two qualities that set him apart from his competition. The first being effectiveness, this means providing solutions for the state that are greater than partisan rhetoric and broader than the party platform. This of course ties into the second quality, which is vision. How many candidates can you truly say have vision? A vision for education, for public services, or for Energy Policy, for Political Reform etc? To help direct my point, let’s consider education. What is the Republican vision for education? Perhaps we think “Vouchers” or “Local Control” these are not articulated solutions, in fact because of our lack of solutions we have given this issue to the left. Allowing Democrats to dominate the issue. We must have a clear, persuasive policy position that articulates real solutions in each of these areas and we must convince the state that it is the Republicans who can deliver a better California. Rick Keene is the man to deliver on these tasks and he has the record to prove it. If we flashback to when Keene was taking care of the City of Chico, we see his vision for that city come alive. Delivering on his principles by creating a 22 percent tax cut on utilities, while continuing to grow services like police and firefighters. As lead Republican negotiator on budget issues, Rick Keene successfully worked to pay off billions of the state’s debt and to reduce the Gray Davis inherited deficit by 75% and fought to build a responsible reserve, all without raising taxes on hardworking families. With a record of reducing spending, cutting taxes and reforming the way our government works, he proves himself best for the Fourth Senate District. Rick Keene is a candidate for California’s 4th Senate District consisting of all or part of 12 rural North State counties including Placer, Yuba, Sutter, Nevada, Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Tehama, Shasta, Trinity, Del Norte and Siskiyou. Steve Macias, West Sacramento