Make county stop killing the pigs!

Reader Input
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The sun is rising. All of the wildlife is already foraging for breakfast. Wild turkeys are pecking in the yard for seeds, hummingbirds are swarming to their feeders and an occasional deer walks gracefully by. Absolutely heavenly. But, all of a sudden, shots ring out in the not-so-far distance. It’s the trappers, hired by the county, to kill all of the wild pigs. “The neighbors are complaining,” they said. When we sold the property on Garden Bar Road to the county, it was under the promise to “preserve the land and protect the wildlife.” What happened to that promise? Why are they killing the pigs that are living on over 900 acres of uninhabited land? This has been going on for several months now. We’ve been told that as many as eight pigs have been killed in one day, adults and babies, both. I have no idea what the total is, but I do know that it is way too many as I hear shots almost every morning. There are so many other alternatives. The county knows that I have been raising pigs for 25 years, yet they never approached me about them. I could have fostered them. I know of a lot of pig rescues. Why couldn’t the pigs be moved? Why couldn’t the neighbors put up a hot wire or fence? Or why couldn’t the trappers simply trap the few pigs that were going onto their property? There is no reason to be doing this. Did the county give notice to the people that they were going to kill all of these pigs? Of course not. The pigs have every right to be here, along with the rest of the wildlife. Please join me in this fight to save them by contacting the county officials and tell them to stop killing the pigs! It was the neighbors who moved to the country, not the pigs. They were already here. Make the neighbors pay to put up a fence, not our tax dollars to kill the pigs. GAYLE SPEARS, Lincoln