Make English official language

Reader Input
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The reason claimed for delay of eviction action — that information was not provided in Spanish — brings up an issue that is increasingly important (“Bell Garden plans in limbo,” Journal, Feb. 28). English needs to made the official language of the United States. Many don’t know that it is not, nor do they know what that designation would mean. Should English be made the official language of the United States, there would no longer be the need to print every government document in who knows how many languages. I would never again have to choose English as my language on the phone. I am not unsympathetic to new arrivals to this country. However, every immigrant group in the past has learned English while retaining their own language and customs at home. Language is a uniting or dividing force in society. Having a common language is important to the unity of any country. Everyone knows the difficulties in bilingual Canada. Less known are the divisions caused by the bilingualism in South Africa between the Dutch and English. If I moved to another country, I would certainly not expect them to publish everything in English for me. I would expect to learn their national language. Surely we should help new immigrants in that process. But we hurt them by not insisting that they learn English, and we cannot promote that as long as we make ourselves a multi-lingual nation. Already we are effectively bilingual in California. We need to unite behind a common language rather than promoting the divisions caused by not having a common tongue. Robert Namanny, Auburn