Managers must make concessions, too

Reader Input
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I watched the June 22 city council meeting on live television last night to see what is going on regarding the city of Lincoln’s 2010-2011 budget and the proposed utility users’ tax increase. One issue that was not clearly stated is that most folks probably don’t mind paying a 3-1/2 percent utility users’ tax increase to help balance the general fund over the next four years as long as realistic cuts are made in all places, including administrative salaries and benefits. I know that cutting the administrative salaries would not significantly affect the general fund shortfall but since Lincoln citizens and employees are all on the same team, we all need to share in the cuts. If Lincoln businesses and residents are going deeper into our pockets to subsidize the budget shortfalls, I want to know that everyone is sharing the pain. Like most people, I have taken several pay cuts as a concession to keeping my job over the past few years, and I pay more for health benefits that have been reduced. I am making less money now and paying more now for the goods and services that my family and I receive than two or three years ago, and I know that I am not alone. I believe that we are all victims of a tough economy and need to work together to get through this tough time but I want to know that everyone is participating in the recovery efforts — especially, and including, the highly (over?) paid administrators for the city of Lincoln. I will reserve judgment as to whether or not I will vote for the utility user’s 3-1/2 percent tax increase in November until I am comfortable that our current tax dollars are being wisely spent in all areas, including city administrators’ compensation. It is clear that we need a revenue source increase to offset the budget deficits over the next few years, but to swallow this tax increase, I want more publicized verification that cuts are being made by all. That is the best sugar to help make the tax increase medicine go down! Daniel Kemp, Lincoln