Martinis guards the public funds

Reader Input
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Katherine Martinis is auditor-controller of Placer County whose job is to maintain the county’s fiscal integrity and to safeguard public funds – the people’s money. Kathy audits the county and also county special districts, of which there are some 40 in number. An outstanding performance, Martinis’ office has been awarded Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officials Association since 2001 and received State Controller’s Certificate of Excellence, Financial Reporting for the last six years. Katherine Martinis has blown the whistle on county staff members who have skated over the line of prudent public fund use, such as taking a county lap-computer for personal use and charging county car rental use when county fleet autos are available — just to name a few. This keeps employees focused on serving the public, not screwing them. Martinis has brought critical financial reporting functions in-house, developed staff expertise and dismissed dependence on consultants. She has focused her department on prudent use of county money — as I have worked as advocate for the public for 35 years. Vote for Katherine Martinis, auditor-controller, in the June 8 election. WALLY REEMELIN, Meadow Vista, taxpayer advocate