Mavy seeks to unseat Wollan in District 5 Placer County Water Agency board election

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Applegate resident Ben Mavy is taking on 20-year Placer County Water Agency Director Otis Wollan for the 5th District seat. “After 20 years it’s time for some new blood,” Mavy said. Mavy, who has lived all his 30 years in Applegate, has a business administration degree from Sacramento State University and currently owns a Colfax investment advisory firm that specializes in financial planning. His earlier schooling included graduation from Colfax High School. The main reason for his run against an incumbent who has previously beaten all challengers is grounded in the upcoming federal relicensing of the Placer County Water Agency Middle Fork project, he said. With some estimates placing annual revenues as high as $90 million or more, Mavy said he’s intent on ensuring profits go toward repairing and replacing water and sewer infrastructure instead of seeing the money filtering through into the general fund. “We have a historic chance to secure our water revenues for water projects,” he said. “We have been paying taxes to PCWA for over 40 years and we finally have the chance to realize the benefits. The 20-year incumbent at the agency has told us to buzz off and go ask the county for help.” Wollan hasn’t been representing the interests of the water agency at all, Mavy said. Mavy said he has been attending water board meetings and while he hasn’t met all the directors, they seem “like nice fellows, including Otis.” “But I’m not running against his personality,” Mavy said. Mavy’s stance on spending Middle Fork revenues echoes current District 5 Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz, who has also been pushing for a policy that would keep profits away from general fund uses. So far, Kranz hasn’t won support of other board members. Mavy said he admires Kranz’s stance on the project, only met the supervisor when he was appointed to the Weimar-Applegate-Colfax Municipal Advisory Commission, and hasn’t sought his endorsement. Mavy said he hasn’t sought other endorsements although he did win the support of the Republican Central Committee, and voted in favor of endorsing himself. He’s an appointed member of the central committee. As well as the MAC work, Mavy is a member of the Applegate Civic Center Club. When not working or involved in those groups, Mavy said family keeps him occupied. He has a wife and three children. While inexperienced in politics, Mavy said he does bring experience as a financial advisor balancing budgets, making tough decisions and implementing investment strategies that benefit both the short- and long-term needs of his clients. “We have a chance in this election to change course,” Mavy said. “And I’m running because I have the skills and experience to bring that change about.” The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at gust@goldcountrymedia.-com.